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Why Are People Afraid of Investing?

Wealth management fear, I see it a lot – fear, stress, anxiety and emotion all brought on by the thought of investing money.

Why are most investors so fearful? I feel there are several potential causes.

Fear of Trust

This may go beyond trusting a financial advisor. It can be a lack of trust in the government and accuracy in critical data published such as inflation and unemployment. Also, there can be a lack of trust in our financial system, currency and generally believing the stock market is overvalued or rigged. One of the biggest may be not trusting oneself to make the best decision on what to do with hard earned money.

Fear of Poverty

It is easier to fall into the poverty thinking trap than the rich thinking solution. Yes, stinking thinking (poverty) fosters procrastination which can be expensive. This is a high offender. Most Americans are naturally prone to this. Fear of Worry. Who likes to worry about money? No one does but most do. Those who have money but are paralyzed by worry just sit on cash. For them, it just isn’t worth the stress to try to invest. Money can’t replace health so why worry about investing?

Fear of Not Having Enough

A majority of investors planning their future fear running out of money.

This is natural and a common fear. Truth is, most won’t have enough because they lacked trust, were paralyzed by the fear of poverty and worried over losing what they had.

Is There a Solution?

If you are in the trust, poverty, worry and lack trap there is a solution. It starts with faith. Realize you can only control your thinking and behavior.

We cannot change our financial system, currency or government. Of course, we have a vote, but that is about our only recourse. The change starts within.

We have the freedom to choose –

Choose to think and behave wisely.

Choose to educate yourself and seek wise professional counsel.

Choose to continually seek out clarity.

Choose to live below your means.

Choose to be free from fear.

Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

It’s as hard as the choices you make – they are hard as you choose to make them.  Doing nothing out of fear is a decision. Doing something can be life changing but requires work.

Work at seeking out the right advisory team to help you – wise and competent counsel. You will start feeling better. Why? Knowledge empowers us to grow and provides clarity where things just seem fuzzy.

Fear of trust, poverty, worry and lack will fade away with new lenses of faith.

Seem too good to be true . . . . . I don’t think so.

I believe everyone deserves a chance – a chance to make their lives a little better. Or, maybe your goal is to improve the lives of your family or support your favorite cause. Whatever your dreams, how nice would it be to sit back and watch it happen?

Don’t we all serve a purpose in life?

I believe we do and that we are all here to help each other. I am committed to helping people work towards achieving their financial hopes, dreams and wishes in as stress-free a process as possible.

Have You Been Living in Fear or Denial?

No matter how many factors have been triggering this fear, I encourage you to have a conversation with me. That’s where it all begins. Just a simple conversation over the phone, over coffee or via email. After all, doesn’t the investment of time justify your cause? I believe the answer is “yes”.

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Rick Torrington

Rick Torrington, CFP® has been offering sound comprehensive financial, retirement, asset protection and wealth management advice to his clients in Sarasota and most of Florida for close to 20 years. He is diligent in his efforts to provide clarity and financial knowledge to the public through his articles and ebooks.