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Finances Causing You Anxiety?

If so you are not alone. An astounding *85% of people report feeling financial anxiety leading to increased stress in their lives. Anxiety may rob you of happiness, affect your mood, decrease passion, wreak havoc on health, decrease social life, create depression, impact family and take your career or retirement off course.

Anxiety of any kind is horrible – but thankfully there are solutions to reducing financial anxiety.

It’s up to you to apply the steps necessary to solve the problem. It does take some work on your part, but given a solution wouldn’t you want to do anything not to have to feel that type of stress?

Steps to Decrease Your Financial Stress

Take Action

This may be the most important step. Most don’t want to face their financial fear. Procrastination may be easier and comfortable for the moment but the result will only be more anxiety.

Taking action could be as easy as seeing an accredited financial advisor. Most financial planners will invest the time to really understand you and discover what is the stressor in your financial picture.


When you see a professional financial advisor, have faith in the process. She is there to guide you in the discovery process – a process fostering well thought out questions and honest answers. Sound like a financial therapy session? It most likely will be if you are facing your financial fear.

Be Honest

Most have a hard time discussing personal finances and what’s bothering them. A good financial planner should make you feel safe to honestly open up and purge your negative feelings about your money and finances. You may feel embarrassed, unhappy, scared or angry. Some or all of these feelings may stem from a former professional relationship or the lack of ever experiencing the guidance of a professional. Whatever the feelings or reason – talk about it, stay the course and swallow your pride.

Don’t Settle

If you don’t feel like you are with the right professional please don’t settle. Financial anxiety often surfaces when people are working with the wrong professional. Don’t accept being criticized, belittled, talked over or above or a personality that isn’t a good match.

If you already have a financial planner ask yourself if they have put your interest before their own. If not you may have lost money unnecessarily or perhaps you received advice that was not suitable. Maybe you felt some pressure to invest in a one size fits all product. You may come to the realization that it is time to take a stand for yourself.

Get a Second Opinion

Many times we worry about whether we have made the right decisions. This is where a second opinion becomes valuable. Think about it, if it was your health you were concerned about chances are you wouldn’t hesitate to get another opinion. So why not reduce your anxiety over your financial health by engaging a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) or reputable financial planner for a second opinion?

Do More than Complain

Complaining changes nothing? If it bothers you enough to complain about it then do something to fix it.

This does not mean your complaints aren’t valid. You should express your disappointments, dislikes or problems about an existing situation or professional relationship, especially when you are seeking new counsel. In that environment, it should be welcome and viewed as an action necessary to bring about a resolution. After all, isn’t that the end result you’re seeking?

Make a Promise to Yourself

Tell yourself you will no longer lose sleep worrying about money or your financial future. From now on you will take action, believe, not settle, seek second opinions and do away with the reasons for complaining. Release the stress and worry. Stop letting the financial anxiety keep you awake at night and creep into your waking thoughts. Resolve to be the solution and control your financial destiny. It is up to you to take that first step and ask for help.

*2016 Northwestern Mutual Planning & Progress Study

This is not intended to give specific legal, tax or investment advice. Advisory Services offered through Nepsis Advisor Services, Inc.; An SEC Registered Investment Advisor.
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