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Increase Sales with TrainingInterim Sales Consulting

Sales are the bloodline to any business. Regardless of what you are selling, tangible or intangible, if your sales are lackluster so is your business.

What is Interim Sales Consulting?

Interim sales consulting is basically an overall review of the business’s sales systems. Most companies employ some type of sales staff. Whether a sales professional is internal or selling out in the field lack of proper training, management and accountability can be a huge problem. Selling can be challenging in an ever-changing competitive environment.

Why Do Companies Have Poor Sales Results?

Simply put, there must be great training. Instead, many businesses sell great compensation plans to the sales professional, assume they are self-starters and will produce sales. Great compensation is meaningless without results. Companies hire sales professionals without first implementing a good training system. This is the first obstacle to overcome.

What Obstacles Do Sales Professionals Encounter?

Poor attitude, lousy behavior and old school selling techniques are the major problems. Who wants to buy from an individual with a lousy attitude? What business wants to have a sales professional that is just an order taker? And who wants to buy from someone promoting high-pressure old school selling techniques? This recipe leads to lackluster sales, constant turnover and a stagnate business.

What are Some of the Mistakes Sales Professionals Make?

The largest mistake is a sales professional not being genuine. Many read scripts or try to be someone they are not. Next, they talk too much and have poor listening skills. How can you sell if you are telling the prospect what to do instead of asking questions? Further, many sales professionals do not have a system they follow through the sales process. Having a system is critical. Creating a system from the initial point of contact (prospecting) through closing, confirming the sale and generating repeat business is highly important. Engaging in constant contact, turning the customer into a raging fan, generating referrals and turning customers into a word of mouth sales force are all a part of the system.

What Can Be Done to Improve Sales Results?

Every business is unique.  However the following are items to consider improving your sales:

  • Hire the right person for the job
  • Have a sales system in place
  • Instill great leadership that encourages and fosters a great culture
  • Utilize training that eliminates horrible old school techniques and encourages the sales professional to be themselves

Above all, remember that accountability is key and must be upheld by all in order for the company to thrive.

The first step to improvement is always the hardest. Make the decision to change and give us a call for a consultation to see if what we offer could make a difference to your business and its success.