Interim Operations Management

operations systemsWhat is Interim Business Operations Consulting?

It is a process of reviewing the business systems with a focus on improving operations to make them more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

What are Business Systems?

Simply put business systems are how a business is run based on what a business and its customers/clients/members want.  If you are a business owner, operations are the foundation of the of how business is conducted with the purpose of being profitable.

Have You Created a Great Business Culture?

A great business culture will encompass the organization’s values, beliefs, visions, working style and habits. Great culture starts with the owner(s), leadership/executives in the company and is instilled downward through the employees – a top-down approach.  If executives don’t like going to work neither will employees. Unhappy employees are the largest cause of dissatisfied customers. Profits drop in direct proportion to customer satisfaction.

How Can I Improve My Business Operations?

Every business is unique and has its own challenges. However, the following are items to consider within your operation to create streamlined business systems:

  • Great culture
  • Employer/Employee satisfaction
  • Employee incentives and benefits
  • Close the intergenerational gap
  • Eliminate micromanagement
  • Focus on employee strengths
    • Delegation
    • Empowerment
    • Outsourcing

Although we are not a match for every business, it usually makes sense to have a conversation.