Should I retire or continue to work?

When Should I Retire?

The road to retirement can be a complicated journey. Most focus on getting the best return on their nest egg, but retirement or getting to retirement goes way beyond return on investment. Can You Answer the Following Financial Questions? At a life expectancy of 84 years, how much do you need to earn on your […]

Money down the drain

5 Common Mistakes Investors Make

1. Letting Greed Lead All too often investors become greedy and chase top performing stocks, mutual funds or sectors. Unfortunately, many of them only stay top performers for a short period and then become underperformers. Greed is possibly the number one offender hurting investors. Don’t let greed lead you to investment decisions. Sure everyone wants […]

Mistakes in business can destroy profits

8 Mistakes That Can Destroy a Business

Poor Leadership and Business Culture Leadership begins from the top. If company culture is poor the leadership is usually to blame. The ethics and behavior of the leadership create the atmosphere that encompasses the values, work habits and attitudes of the employees. Ultimately this causes a trickle down effect resulting in an inferior customer service […]

stop swearing about annuties

Annuities Are Not a Four-Letter Word

They Overgeneralize, Create Doubt and Scare Investors I remember reading an article about complaints filed against a local financial planner regarding indexed annuities. I do not know the financial planner or wealth management planner in question, nor can I comment on these particular occurrences; however, articles like this make it very difficult for prudent and […]

How do I know if I should rollover my 401k?

Do I Keep My 401k or Roll It Over?

“Why should I roll my existing 401k into an IRA?” I am often asked that question. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. For those who are approaching 59.5 years of age, nearing retirement or who are already retired with a 401k investment, there are many questions to ask during financial planning sessions about whether a […]

Slick salesman or good financial advisor

Slick Sales Pitch or Comprehensive Financial Planning?

The Pitch – Pushing the Purchase of a Specific Product Essentially many financial planners don’t plan. Instead, they are trapped into product pitching and order taking. Financial planning is not like ordering a new car with the latest accessories and the beautiful interior with the rich smell of new leather. Instead, it should be a […]

Is there a perfect investment?

Is There a Perfect Investment?

Truthfully there is no perfect investment because all have pros and cons and what works for one will not work for another. Also all investors are unique because of factors such as: their age, income, tax bracket, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, future income needs, occupation, family, objectives, goals and dreams. Time is The Best Investment […]

Bond Safety

Are Bonds Safe?

The Safety Debate One of the greatest debates I have encountered is, “Are bonds a safe investment?”. There is a great deal of confusion among investors and financial planners that shows a misunderstanding of bonds and how they work. I will begin with the basic mechanics of how bonds function and work to a more […]


Volatility – Friend or Foe?

Is Stock Market Volatility the Enemy? Investors without an investor policy statement, may not understand the philosophy and investment strategy or have transparency (clarity) in understanding the flexibility in their portfolio. In short, they come to the opinion volatility is the enemy instead of a friend that may create great opportunity over a period of […]

ekm lawsuit resized

Fraudulent Conveyance Destroys Asset Protection Planning

What it Fraudulent Conveyance? Fraudulent conveyance is the willful effort, by clients and their financial planners, to try to protect or hide assets from creditors after there is even a hint of a tort, complaint, wrongdoing, malpractice or expectation that assets will soon be at risk for a lawsuit. Fraudulent conveyance is the number one […]

investment loss

Who Can I Trust With My Money?

Unfortunately, there are disreputable financial planners who misuse their positions of influence and prey on trusting, unsuspecting people. In fact, just recently there was an article published in the Sarasota Herald Tribune about a local resident involved in a currency futures scheme that was under investigation. This individual had numerous clients that lost everything they […]

Help with retirement decisions

Why Should I Rollover My 401k When I Retire?

If you take part in a 401k and leave your job for whatever reason, you may elect to rollover your 401k proceeds into an IRA. In many cases, the company you have retired or been fired from will want you to roll the money out anyway. This is not required, but there are several benefits […]

chained to computer

Is it an Addiction?

Are You a Financial Media Junkie? Why are so many investors addicted to the financial media? Because many are addicted to prediction – meaning they try timing the stock market to increase returns and avoid losses. Unfortunately, many buy into the fear and greed trap – buying near the top and selling at the bottom. […]

cut taxes

Taxes Suck – Could You Pay Less?

  I think we can all agree taxation sucks. So how do you keep taxes from sucking you dry? 1. Invest in a competent CPA – Missed deductions, incorrect deductions, improperly categorized income, forgotten payroll taxes, neglected estimated payments and the constantly changing tax code could all be costly. Add an audit due to incompetence […]

Piggy bank in a bear trap

Who Are You Paying? [Investing]

It’s Your Money! All too often we see investors in a fee-only wealth managed account not understanding what they own, why they own it and the implications of fees and other costs on the performance of their investments. Understanding these fees and costs are fundamental components of protecting your assets. Oftentimes, even the financial advisor […]

Retirees out of money

Magic Retirement Number – Really?

“How much will I need to accumulate prior to retirement and will I have enough assets and income to retire with a level of comfort?” People working towards retirement often ask me this question. Most simply want me to give them a monthly income number or assets required to generate enough income. I cannot answer […]

Building Trust in Financial Advisor Relationship

Overcoming Financial Planning Fear

A bad experience with a financial advisor or financial coach can often leave investors lacking trust, in fear and defensive. Experience is powerful as it teaches people what to do and in some cases, what never to do. Many prospective clients in need of solid financial planning, wealth management and asset protection are paralyzed by […]

Protect Your Assets from Legal Judgement

Five Reasons For Planning Asset Protection

  Do You Need Asset Protection? Planning Asset Protection includes using vehicles and strategies that are increasing in popularity because the risks that lead to asset losses are on the rise. Determining what types of risks you face will reveal whether you should consider asset protection. The following will help clarify the matter and help […]

Hidden Costs of 401k

Is Your 401k a Ripoff?

401k investments are among the largest investment segments in the market, accounting for almost 4 trillion dollars. How are These Retirement Accounts a Rip Off? The problem is most holders of these investments are not receiving the expert attention needed to properly manage, what is in many cases, their largest retirement asset. 401k owners that […]

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